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BTS – Episode #0005 – The Jedi Order with the Cast

We are back once again with another episode of our “Behind the Scenes” podcast and this time we’re focusing on the Jedi! This livestream occurs once a month on our @YouTube Channel where we take you along this incredible ride as we work to build and release our FAN FILM trilogy! For this month’s podcast, we invited a handful of our powerful Jedi so we could pick their brains and learn their thoughts on multiple aspects of the Jedi Order. We have conversations with:

Daniel Davenport
Madeleine Norton
Tyler Weston
Jason Dania
Leah Barnett
Miles Poller
Isaac Aceret

To begin this podcast, our lovely leader Maria Espino touches on the “world between worlds” and deep dives with the cast into the most recent @Ahsoka episode with the reunion between Ahsoka and Anakin. Our first main topic deals with the backbone, or the foundation of the Jedi and how there are different sects within the rankings which include Jedi Guardians, Jedi Sentinels, Jedi Counsulars and outside the order there are Outcasts and Wayseekers. We ask our team which kyber crystal they think would best suit them and dashing Daniel Davenport, who plays Ben Solo, strays from his character and decides to take on the white crystal. While the talented Jason Dania, who plays Finn, chooses green and the Jedi Consulars as he sees himself as helpful to others and coincidentally, in our story, Finn may end up wielding a green saber as well *wink wink*.

Although the Jedi are renowned as the good/light side, they are not without fault and are far from perfect. Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side to protect those he was attached to, but as we all know, the protection of his loved ones was not the end result. The amazing, Tyler Weston, who plays @Anakin Skywalker, sparks the idea that if Anakin was treated as “special” rather than “different from everyone else” as the chosen one, maybe his fate would have shifted. The spectacular Miles Poller, who is our @Obi-Wan Kenobi, brings up the point that one of Obi-Wan’s greatest mistakes in the turn of Anakin to the dark side was ignoring his relationship with Padme and choosing to put these topics to the back of his mind, rather than address them.

We also delve into the plight of the Padawan. Princess Leia actually went down a route different than what would normally happen within the Jedi Order, as she was trained by her brother, Luke. The lovely Leah Barnett, who plays @Leia Organa Solo, mentions that “Leia has been training her entire life… Her entire life has been a training ground with many parallels to the Jedi world”. Such a great take! On the other hand, Rey, did not have any formal training at all and breathtaking Madeleine Norton, our Rey, states that if Rey didn’t go through the hardships she had growing up on Jakku, then she would be a completely different person, but then again wouldn’t we all. Part of the storyline within our project is rebuilding the Jedi Order, using those past mistakes, and learning from them. Just like how Isaac Aceret‘s audio was not working for this podcast, in the spirit of his character, @Master Yoda, we shall learn from this mistake and “do” as there is “no try”. And you can look forward to seeing all of these ideas come to life, starting with The Chosen One!

If you have any questions or comments on the topics discussed in this episode of our BTS Podcast, leave them down below or in the comments section of our video on YouTube!

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