Isaac Aceret

Isaac Aceret - Headshot
Master Yoda
Aemont Sillib
Aman Kitch


  • 2021 The Order: Star Wars - Fan Film - Clone Troopers
  • 2021 The Bad Batch Music Video - Short Film -
  • 2021 Mouse Droid Walks In On a Clone - Short Film -

About Me

Hi, I’m Isaac, grew up in Arizona now living in Hawaii, loved Star Wars for as long as I could remember, started a YouTube channel on the side playing Star Wars games, and casually doing voice impressions. 

About My Role

I play a couple characters though minor, first being notably Yoda, the next being Aemont Sillib which is a Muun character from the canon, the next being Babu Frik from the Rise of Skywalker, and a brand new character for this story named Aman Kitch. 

Why This Project

I started doing impressions casually and as the voices got improved over time and more people heard them, some have told me “hey it be cool if you got hired one day to do those voices officially” and of course it makes me excited and want to continue to pursue this, then I heard from a good friend that this project was in the works, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, and so far it has been a great  and exciting experience working with everyone on it. 

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