Leah Barnett

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Leia Organa Solo
Lt. Gen. Larma D'acy
Gen. Francis Petrov


  • 11/2022 Closing Credits
    Voice Acting 301
  • 08/2022 Closing Credits
    Voice Acting 201
  • 03/2022 Voice Acting WorkShop
    Commercial, Video Games, Animation

About Me

I am from Calgary, Canada. I am a silly, outgoing with a splash of introvert and I do not say “a-boot”. 

I love sports! I have played competitive soccer my entire life. I love to shoot hoops, and I am a good time on a golf course. 

Although I have worked in the energy sector my entire adult life, I finally feel at home focusing on the vocal arts. 

I have been practicing my voice acting since I could talk. Always creating and preforming new characters, voices, and accents…(these all get enhanced after a wine). I am a dedicated professional with life experience and a passion for storytelling. 

My dog and my husband are my audience and my world. And I call my mom for cooking advice every day. 

About My Role

Princess Leia was one of the earliest “influencers” of our time. Her Episode IV clothing and hair styles are still worn at every Halloween event, over forty years later! 

She always kept the boys in line and everyone in the Rebel Alliance looked to her for direction. Her “street-skills” always save the day. If it wasn’t for her “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi” message in R2-D2, the galaxy would be overrun with Sith lords and storm troopers. She was and continues to be bravest, badass warrior in the galaxy. 

The force is still strong within her. 

Why This Project

As soon as I saw the call for Princess Leia, by TLP, I could not get it out of my mind. I am a child of the 80’s, with an older brother who was obsessed with all things Star Wars, which in turn, made me Star Wars obsessed. My name, Leah, also drew a lot of parallels with the Princess of Alderaan. 

Getting to play Princess Leia Organa Solo is a dream come true. I put a lot of energy into getting this role and the opportunity to work with Maria and her team is one hell of a lucky break for me, one I don’t take lightly.

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