Jason Dania

Jason Dania


  • May 2021-present Nintendo High - Short Film - Bowser
  • July 2021 Rescue Commercial - TV - Kipexo
  • June 2021 Mortal Steel - Audio Drama - Professor Jiro, Saitama/Archebishop, Gabriel Cline
  • November 2021 Garden Plots With Skeletor (Season 2, Episode 16) - Audio Drama - Bow
  • 2021-present The Call of the Flame - Audio Drama - King Hatima

About Me

My name is Jason Dania, I am a Nigerian-American up voice actor and I am the voice of Finn in the upcoming fan film “Star Wars: The Chosen One.” My ultimate goal as a voice actor is to hone my skills and make others happy/smile with what I do. My biggest achievement so far would have to be booking the very first role I ever auditioned for, which was being the voice of Bowser in the YouTube fan web series “Nintendo High.” A fun fact about me is that I once drew a comic in elementary school that was basically a direct rip-off of Captain Underpants that I called “The Adventures of Super Sam.” 

About My Role

Finn is a character I heavily resonate with. He’s a character with a big heart and believes in the right thing but is unsure of his own potential. He’s not entirely sure if he’s making the best moves and doubts himself internally. He wants to be able to help the people closest to him while also making a difference in the world. Life and the world itself dealt him a bad hand but he refuses to let his own experience deter him from making sure nothing similar happens to anyone else. I wanted to deliver that kind of characterization when voicing him and I like to think I accomplished that. 

Why This Project

Finn was a role I knew I had to audition for. Even if there was a part of me that believed it was a shot in the dark compared to the potential competition, I knew I had to take a chance and give it a go. I was genuinely taken aback and stunned when I was contacted for a callback. Star Wars is a franchise I am still relatively new to and learning more about but I can say that I very much enjoy the films and media I have seen from it. Finn is especially a character I have a certain attachment to as his actor, John Boyega, is a Nigerian man like myself. His character spoke to me in a way that no other Star Wars character has so I knew I had to give it my very best in my initial audition. I did my best to match Boyega’s energy in the role while also bringing in my unique spin on the character. I wanted him to be familiar but distinct. I feel honored to be part of a production like this one. The other cast members and production team are an absolute blast to be around. I look forward to growing with everyone, learning with everyone, laughing with everyone and bringing this character to life in a different form of media. 

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