Daniel Davenport

Ben Solo

About Me

My name is Daniel Davenport, and I’ve been in love with Star Wars since I was little! I distinctly remember watching A New Hope for the first time. Seeing that Star Destroyer loom over the camera, I was immediately hooked! I wanted nothing more than to be a hero like Luke Skywalker, saving the day and doing what’s right! When I got old enough to realize that may not be possible, I resorted to the next best thing… acting the part! I’ve been doing voice impressions and accents to tell stories since before I can remember, with only my mom to attest. Being able to live out these incredible stories and share them with the world to inspire those who are willing to listen is a dream come true, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything… (except for maybe a real lightsaber haha). 

About My Role

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to play a fantastically complex and powerful lead character in the Star Wars universe, Ben Solo, formally known as Kylo Ren. Ben has been a blast to learn and grow with, and I feel I relate to him to some degree on a familial level. His inner rage and power is often hidden behind a timid exterior due to his difficult upbringing not allowing him to develop social skills that most possess. This kind of dichotomy between his desire to show his affection toward Rey, the woman he loves, and his typical inability to express it in a cohesive way has been challenging to grasp, and I certainly appreciate the challenge! He’s the best part of the sequel trilogy for me, so I couldn’t be more excited to bring my take on him to life! 

Why This Project

What attracted me to the project most was the goal of retroactively fixing some of the problems that came out of The Rise of Skywalker‘s ending. I’m an extremely passionate Star Wars fan, and I was largely let down by that film’s execution, so to see another group of passionate fans making an effort to fix that for themselves? I just had to throw my hat into the ring! I could not be more glad that I did. The Last Prophecy has been nothing short of stellar to me, and it really feels like we’ve become a family! 

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