Madeleine Norton



  • 2017-2021 Otterbein University
    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting
  • 2017-present day Junior Players
    Teaching Artist, Theatre Teacher Certification
  • 2020-2021 The Growing Studio (National Management)
    Internship and Assistant Manager: A1 Auditions, College Content, and College Senior Showcases (virtual / in-person)
  • 2007-present day Otterbein University
    Voice (Voiceover, Music)
  • 2004-2021 Otterbein University
  • 2007-2021 Otterbein University / Shakespeare Dallas / Funhouse Theatre
    Stage Combat (Rapier, Hand-To-Hand)
  • 2007-2021 Otterbein University
    Dance (Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap)
  • 2016-2021 Otterbein University / Broadway Triple Threat
    Masterclasses (abbreviated)


  • Untitled Raccoon Play - Theatre - Erica/Aurora
  • A Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder - Theatre - Eugenia/Ensemble/Fight Captain
  • Othello - Theatre - Emilia
  • Comedy Killers - Theatre - Various Roles
  • The Madness of Chartrulean - Audio Drama - Various Voices
  • The Call of the Flame - Audio Drama - Various Voices
  • The Strata and Road of Shadows - Audio Drama - Various Voices

About Me

Hi there! I’m Madeleine Norton, and I voice Rey Palpatine/Skywalker/Solo (input proper last name here, haha). I’m so delighted to have been a part of the process of creating The Chosen One. Voice acting has been a dream of mine almost all my life, and something I had only recently gone full-throttle into! I’d envisioned myself sticking to the stage and screen (gotta put that acting degree to use), but if you’d told me even just a couple of years ago I’d be voicing one of my favorite Star Wars characters, I would have probably gone nuts (to be honest, I’m still pinching myself). It’s been incredible meeting this new family of mine—we’ve made so many wonderful memories weaving beautiful stories together! I’m thrilled for you to experience our film, made by Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans.  

Some of my first experiences with the Star Wars franchise were memories made with my family when I was little! My dad thoroughly enjoyed showing me and my brothers movies that made an impact on him and was quick to show us the original Star Wars films when I was about 10 years old. I had never seen anything like it before, and the images of Luke and Leia and their squadron of friends fighting against trash compactors, Sith, and Jaba the Hutt were total core memories! My entire extended family would all go together to the theaters to watch each Star Wars film release post-Prequels—in fact, in an odd turn of events, I managed to watch The Force Awakens back to back in separate movie theaters when it first came out. I’d gone for a friend’s birthday to see another movie entirely, planning to hop in my mom’s car and watch the new Star Wars film with my family immediately following the initial movie’s end. My friend changed his mind once I’d arrived at the theater, and I suddenly found myself the first member of my family to watch the 7th Star Wars film! Needless to say, seeing that film stuck in my brain, and it seems surreal that I’m now voicing a character I first saw on the big screen! 

About My Role

Rey’s story of finding where she belongs and fighting hard for what she believes in has influenced me in more ways than I could have initially imagined. Beforehand, I thought I was more of a Finn-type person (and I’ll be honest, I geeked out watching John Boyega in theaters), but I came to realize I held incredible similarities to my girl Rey. Especially in this social media-driven world, finding one’s place could be considered more difficult than ever. As an artist, that struggle was already real from a very early age; when I was accepted into an arts magnet high school, I realized I was deciding then and there if I really wanted to spend my life performing. By saying yes, I’d put one foot in front of the other year by year and never looked back. During the pandemic, I’d made the radical decision to go at it alone and see what all I could accomplish by auditioning and ultimately voice acting as a career. Though I’d had support from those closest to me I’d never really made it public, and in another sense, I was isolated. Finding a community and family in voiceover, making new connections, and finding new opportunities feels a lot to me like Rey’s journey in finding herself and the people she belongs with.  

Adversely, I feel she’s much more opinionated than I am, and I can’t say I’ve experienced living a life completely secluded from other people (thankfully). Finding her voice has taken a lot of study, and it’s like I’m always finding something new about her! Outside of it all, voicing Rey has helped me feel more empowered in my own decisions, and now I only want the happiest of endings for her! Haha, perhaps that’s a bit of bias, but I’ll take it. 

Why This Project

The auditioning process was fantastic, I still remember the joy of realizing I had booked the role. Finding the audition was such a chance thing, and I hadn’t before realized how similar to Daisy I could sound. After auditioning and booking a callback, I’d been extremely nervous. When I finally hopped in the callback room to read alongside the Ben Solos, I realized to my surprise I was the only Rey there. I thought to myself, “this just has to be some coincidence. I guess they’re seeing how I do, just like all the other women they’re having read.” As time went on, our director Maria happened to mention that it should be no surprise I’d been selected for the role, seeing as I was the only one there. I couldn’t believe it! Nothing like that had happened to me before, and it had been a long time since I’d snagged a role I’d really hoped to play. Everyone was welcoming right off the bat, and it has been an otherworldly experience working alongside fellow passionate artists, and hardcore Star Wars fans! 

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