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BTS – Episode #0003 – The Lovers Chat with the Cast

We are back once again with another episode of our “Behind the Scenes” podcast! This livestream occurs once a month on our @YouTube Channel where we take you along this incredible ride as we work to build and release our FAN FILM trilogy! For this month’s podcast we invited some of our dynamic lover duos to talk about these relationships and why they are so vital for storytelling. We deep dive into the popular pairs such as Ben and Rey as well as the lore on the Sith and Jedi stances on love. We have conversations with:

Madeleine Norton
Daniel Davenport
Tony Rescigno
Donna Heffernan
Charles Wilson
Kyle Bargoot

To begin the podcast, we get into why love in the theatrical arts is so important and why George Lucas used love as a driving factor. As our Ben Solo, Daniel Davenport, states, “The main thing about a story that everyone’s going to cling to is its relatability”. Whether it be the romantic love we see between Han and Leia or the platonic love between R2-D2 and C-3PO, our heads and our hearts connect with what we see on screen. Even if we as viewers can’t relate, we may see that love and desire it for ourselves, which attaches us even more! Human or not, audiences are hooked!

The other half of Daniel’s pair is the outstanding Madeleine Norton, who is our Rey. Enemies to lovers: what a trope! Their connection grows and is shaped throughout the sequel trilogy as the two have such a deep mutual understanding of their shared loneliness. This connection expands even more the further we get into our After The Sequels trilogy. For those that aren’t Reylo stans, we also touch base on love at any age starting with a love that was discovered much later in life with @Norra Wexley, played by the incredibly talented Donna Heffernan, and @Wedge Antilles, played by the very talented Charles Wilson. Tragedy struck Norra and Wedge with the loss of Norra’s son @Temmin “Snap” Wexley which brings them together as they seek solace. On the flip-side of the coin for love later in life, we have love earlier on in life with Poe Dameron, played by the astonishing Tony Rescigno, and Zorii Bliss, played by Selene Hsin, who was not able to make this podcast. The two met at such a young age and have gone through immense ups and downs that aren’t necessarily noted, but are hinted at in the films. We knew we wanted to expand on this relationship and really showcase the intense love they have for one another.

Touching on the video game world of Star Wars within @Jedi: Fallen Order and @Jedi: Survivor, we segway to @Cal Kestis, who will eventually be played by our current Darth Zanos, played by Kyle Bargoot, and his relationship with @Merrin. Talk about enemies to lovers yet again! When we step into our Episode XI, the two will be much older than they are in the games, and will most definitely have endless amounts to teach Ben and Rey. Lastly, we delve into both the Jedi and Sith views on love, in which the Jedi forbade attachments and the Sith saw love as a weakness. But, if these rules weren’t broken, then we would not have the stories we know and cherish today like Anakin and Padme or how Vitiate got to where he is in our plotline for The Chosen One.

If you have any questions or comments on the topics discussed in this episode of our BTS Podcast, leave them down below or in the comments section of our video on YouTube!

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