Donna Heffernan

Lt. Gen. Norra Wexley


  • Fordham University
    BA, Philosophy/Art History
  • The Juilliard School of Music: The Dalcroze School of Eurythmics
  • The French-American Conservatory of Music
    Ear training, piano, voice, featured performer


  • - Theatre - The Old Mezzo (SR) Marcelle Susan Dworkin, dir./playwright Becket Playhouse (Berkshires)
  • - Theatre - King Kong Ann Darrow + various Dan Bianchi, dir. Radio Theatre NYC
  • - TV - The Sisterhood Rita Daniel Haben Clark, dir. Spotlight On Halloween Play Festival
  • - TV - Hard Boiled Joey Kapps + various Dan Bianchi, dir. Radio Theatre NYC
  • - TV - Complimentary Laughter (SR) Various Jeff Wolfe, dir. Kaleidoscope Theatre Co.

About Me

I am an established singer/songwriter, actor and graphic designer. I have held prominent roles in previous off-Broadway productions and was a company member in Kaleidoscope Theatre Company and RadioTheatre in Manhattan. I have studied at the Dalcroze School of Eurythmics at The Juilliard School of Music, prefaced by time at Fordham University at Lincoln Center. My professional actor studies have included The American Globe Theatre with John Basil, the nationally-acclaimed Shakespeare & Company with the late Dennis Krausnick, Seth Barrish at The Barrow Group, as well as the apprenticeship of the Michael Chekhov acting method. A contributing songwriter and vocalist for The Songs of Love Foundation, I have been a session vocalist for both Sony Music and Universal Publishing. I have performed with the French-American Conservatory of Music at Carnegie Hall under the auspices of both Conductor Jean-Pierre Schmitt. I am most notably featured as a voice-over actor in both local and national radio and television roles. 

About My Role

Norra Wexley is a female rebel pilot from the planet Akiva who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and New Republic during the Galactic Civil War. 

Why This Project

I felt an immediate connection to the character Norra WexleyHer strength and fortitude piqued my own curiosity in how I could voice these traits. Pushing the narrative of empowered female characters in all media is imperative. The stereotypes we perceive unconsciously shape our worldview. The more strong women are present in the media, the more the collective worldview will start to automatically associate strength as a feminine trait. As a result, the more women will be treated as strong, equal members of society. Seeing and hearing strong women in all media resets the prevailing idea of a submissive woman. Presenting women in roles of leadership, rather than as victims, allows women and girls to see and to seek their own potential. 

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