Selene Hsin

Zorii Bliss

About Me

Hello, my name is Selene and I am the voice of Zorii! It has been such a delight being brought onto this wonderful cast and a pleasure to work with the production team. This project is a fun callback for the little kid-me, watching the originals with my dad and mimicking Darth Vader’s iconic line. Being able to voice a badass like Zorii in this tribute to the franchise is incredible fun.

About My Role

I got to know more about Zorii’s past during the character briefings, and saw how it informs her current outlook on life. I found it surprisingly relatable. Maybe not the head-of-a-criminal-empire part but the part where she believes strength is not needing anyone. She’s independent as all hell but still can’t shake that part of her that insists upon caring for certain people. I love exploring characters like that. A kind person disguised as a prickly little mystery. 

Why This Project

Zorii appealed to me after watching the films because, while her story involvement was pretty brief, she came across straightaway as Very Conflicted and Very Badass. Lots to unpack there. I love unpacking. A friend of mine initially brought the project to my attention during one of our weekly VO workout meetings, and we had fun practicing the audition scenes together. Fast forward and now we’re on the project together, so the fun continues.

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