Kyle Bargoot

Darth Zanos


  • 2015 Boston Casting
  • 2014 Connecticut School of Broadcasting
  • Somerville High School Drama Club

About Me

In 1977 my mother Lillian waited in line to see Star Wars unaware that what she would see would make her a fan for life, and ten years later when she gave birth to me, she made sure that I had every opportunity to fall in love with the franchise she held so dear. She got me the VHS trilogy, showered me in classic toys, even the Death Star playset! When the Special Editions were released, we saw each one in theaters together, and grew our fandom bond that will last generations. When I was very young, she made me a ceramic Darth Vader nightlight that comforted me on those dark and stormy nights, and most definitely left an impact on me that explains my love for villain redemption arcs. 
I studied Drama in High School, did a few plays once I graduated but hung up my acting hat when I needed to buckle down and get a job. Now I’m in a position that allowed me to build a home studio and pursue a new acting career doing voiceovers, as well as launch a YouTube channel to get all my silliness out on film with my friends. This is the first role I’ve been cast in since that endeavor started last year. 

About My Role

Darth Zanos is a mysterious, power hungry Sith bent on taking the throne with his Master Darth Maladi. While he is only teased in this film, I look forward to the mayhem he’ll be causing in the future, as well as any unexpected turns his story may take. 

Why This Project

Last year I spent a lot of time submitting auditions, and even being cast, for projects that went nowhere. I started to learn the hallmarks of a vapor-project, and when I saw the casting call for this film it felt different. TLP had by far the most organized, most professional casting calls I’ve ever seen, and looked to be able to see this project through to completion. Maria, in particular, is the most dedicated Writer/Director I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with, and her passion for this project is beaming. When I saw the idea, they had for an After The Sequels story, full of redemption for these characters woefully mishandled by the House of Mouse, every fiber in my being screamed that I had to be a part of it. I’m honored and blessed that this is the first project I’ll be working on since revitalizing my acting career. 

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