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BTS – Episode #0004 – The Rebels of Star Wars with the Cast

In this episode of our “Behind the Scenes” podcast we’re putting you in the minds of Rebels! This livestream occurs once a month on our @YouTube Channel where we take you along this incredible ride as we work to build and release our FAN FILM trilogy! For this month’s podcast we invited some of our glorious Rebels to deep dive into the thought process of making important decisions for the good of the people as well as relating these ideas to real people in our world’s history. We have conversations with:

Leah Barnett
Gerald Hill
Susan Robb
Jason Dania
Taylor Johnson
Robert Gantuangco

Sadly, our @Lando Calrissian, played by the lovely Gerald Hill, was unable to make it, but you will see him on the channel in the future! To begin our podcast, we first dive into real rebels throughout history and what rebels our actors resonate the most with. One of our background actors, Robert Gantuangco, brings up his cultural heritage in the Philippines with his chosen rebel: Teresa Magbanua, who was known as the “Visayan Joan of Arc”. More rebels that are mentioned include MLK, Joan of Arc, Henry VII, and Margaret Sanger. Learning about such important figures throughout history shows that not only did rebellions happen in the past, but will continue to happen in the future as people stand up for what they believe in.

Next, we transition to sacrifices made by our Rebels and how they are selfless in doing the right thing for the greater good and often give up so much, whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally. Our talented Susan Robb, who plays @Maz Kanata, brings up the point that many, if not all, of Maz’s sacrifices are “stories for another time” as she has lived so many years and has likely given up so much. The outstanding Leah Barnett, who plays Leia Organa Solo, touches on how even though Leia is such a selfless person in her sacrifices, she was still able to find her love in Han and later in Ben. @Zorii Bliss, played by the amazing Taylor Johnson, is also no stranger to sacrifices, which may have still been difficult decisions to make. Taylor brings up the point that all Zorii ever knew was the life of a spice runner, and when Poe asked her to drop everything and leave, “She couldn’t break away from that, not just yet”. Our fearless leader, Maria Espino, also touches on the monologue that @Luthen Rael delivers in @ANDOR episode 10 as he states, “I burn my life for a sunrise I’ll never see”. Talk about a chilling, jaw-dropping speech revealing his own sacrifices for that greater good, which is so inspiring not only in the world of Star Wars, but can easily be seen in our world as people rise up for their greater good.

Once a rebellion occurs, there is always some sort of aftermath in its wake. Finn, played by the incredible Jason Dania, went from janitor, to stormtrooper, to rebel, to now co-general of the Resistance in our story. His climb in role status may have been overwhelming, but at his core, Finn wants to do right in this aftermath in helping what’s left of the Rebellion and the scattered refugees who need that support. Lastly, we cannot have a podcast about rebels without discussing the animated series @Star Wars Rebels! The show uses the found family trope and the familial bonds the group makes really brings them together in times of uncertainty in which they work together as “rebels” for, yet again, the greater good. Such familial bonds will be very evident in our story as well throughout After The Sequels and within The Chosen One!

If you have any questions or comments on the topics discussed in this episode of our BTS Podcast, leave them down below or in the comments section of our video on YouTube!

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