Taylor Johnson

Taylor Johnson Headshot
Zorii Bliss


  • CSU Channel Islands and Kingston University
    BFA in Performing Arts: Theatre


  • The Importance of Being Earnest - Theatre - Reverend Chausable
  • She Kills Monsters - Theatre - Farrah
  • Witching Hour - Video Game - Emma Weatherby and Lucilia
  • Sole Twin Audios’ Twas the Night Before Christmas - Audio Drama - Cathy
  • Game Over - Short Film - Noa and Young Rhettman

About Me

I started my acting journey in 2016 when I went to college to major in Performing Arts: Theatre. I always knew my passion was to act but starting my acting career was difficult at the beginning of the pandemic, so I found comfort in and a love for voice acting. The opportunity I found in working with the TLP Team has meant everything to me, and I’m excited to keep growing. 

About My Role

What I love about Zorii is how badass she is. She doesn’t hold back in what she believes in… except with Poe, which I find so lovable about her. She has a tough exterior, but inside, she’s a softie. Her character has such depth, and her desire to be a good person, when all her life she ran spice, is proof of that. She had to overcome a lot to get to where she is now, which is with the Rebels, and I’m so excited to explore where she goes next and be a part of her journey!

Why This Project

As someone who was just starting out in voice acting, this Star Wars project was the perfect opportunity to gain more experience. In Casting Call Club, you don’t find many gems like this one, so it would’ve been foolish to not audition for a role. Plus, I have a lot of family members who are big Star Wars fans, including myself now. I’m proud to be in something as big as this project and excited to share all the hard work the TLP Team has done to put this movie together. 

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