Tony Rescigno

Tony Rescigno - Headshot #1
Poe Dameron


  • Private Coaching
    Mick Wingert, David Sobolov, and Donna Grillo
  • Training by
    Andrea Toyias, Richard Horvitz, and Jeremy Hall
  • Mentorship under
    Pat Brady


  • The Simpsons - TV -
  • Clash of Clans tournaments - Video Game -
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercials - TV -
  • Triple-A games - Video Game -

About Me

Hello! My name is Tony Rescigno and I am a voice actor based in Los Angeles, California! I am represented by CESD Talent Agency, located in Santa Monica, and have experience in video games, animation, and commercials. From an early age, I discovered that characters from video games, animation, film, and other forms of storytelling, could be seen as real role models for people, regardless of their fictional origin. Being the gamer and avid cartoon viewer that I was (and still am), I am proud to say that I have had many role models in my life. After graduating in 2020 with my master’s degree in psychology, I decided it was time I embark upon my voiceover journey so I could accomplish my goal of giving back to the community that taught me, and continues to teach me, so much. 

About My Role

Poe Dameron is the best pilot in the Resistance, a budding leader to be, and a bit of a timid romantic. Having lived through much death and battle, Poe is driven by his passion to protect those he loves, but oftentimes struggles to find patience for people that don’t see his perspective. I love playing Poe because he is passionate about community and, despite exuding a stern exterior, has a tenderness that leads him to be more sentimental than one might initially presume. 

Why This Project

The Star Wars saga has been in my life since day one! My mom and I frequently watched the original trilogy on VHS together and my dad taught me how to play Shadows of the Empire on the Nintendo 64 (over two decades later and the IG-88 boss battle on Ord Mantell still haunts me). When I discovered the audition for Poe Dameron, I knew it was an opportunity to give back to the universe that first introduced me to the power of imagination and storytelling. I am thrilled to be part of this amazing crew, and Force, that is upholding the honor of bringing Star Wars to new generations. 

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