Tyler Weston

Anakin Skywalker
Han Solo


  • Elite Dangerous - Video Game - 'Alpha' (AI ship companion)
  • Skyshelter - Short Film - Ryan Obannon + multiple bad guys
  • Halo Operation Charity Falls - Short Film - Spartan-719 Maddox, Captain James Cutter, Gravemind + flood creatures
  • Halo Operation Whiteout - Short Film - All Male ODSTs
  • Star Wars Shadow of The Republic - TV - (Epsilon Squad) Vale, Witt, Riggs, and Plank

About Me

I was born in Arkansas right at the end of the 90’s in the heart of Mid-West AmericaGrowing up, I was introduced to Star Wars and other 70’s and 80’s cult classics that would start me down the path of gaming and voicing. I have been voicing Star Wars related projects for a long time. It’s where I got my start. I’m mostly known for voicing clone troopers, but I have many other notorious voices like Mando, Optimus Prime and several others, but I did not expect for my Anakin Skywalker voice to be the one to possibly get my foot in the door. When I was contacted, I could hardly contain the excitement. 

About My Role

Anakin is a character who has been through almost nothing but pain and loss. Losing friends and family, being outcasted by the Jedi, and constantly manipulated by Sidious. Anakin was selfless, caring, compassionate and it was through his will to do good that he strayed onto the dark path without even realizing it. At the end of his life he tried to make a mense for all that he had done. Now as a force ghost he wants to ensure that others do not follow the same path as him.   

Why This Project

My dad introduced me to Star Wars at a very young age and I fell in love with it immediately. All the action, different planets, so many different and iconic characters, my favorites being the clones. It was really ahead of its time. So naturally when the opportunity arose to possibly voice one those iconic characters, there was no way I was gonna pass it up. 

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