Vivian Reed

Lyra Ponta
Shaya Ponta


  • Closing Credits
    VA301 Course


  • 2022 Blackout Hospital - Video Game - Minspella and Emerald
  • In Production Shuttle Revolution - Video Game - Bonkers
  • In Production Doomsday Paradise - Video Game - Umbra
  • In Production Hybrid Harmony - Video Game - Brooke

About Me

My name is Vivian Reed, and my life’s passion is voice acting! My interests include metal music, cats, and gaming. I also like to make digital art on the side! 

About My Role

I am honored to portray Shaya and Lyra, a pair of outlaw badasses! Since these characters are original, it’s been a blast developing them with the team. Shaya is played more reserved, quiet, and serious, but Lyra is more emotional and maternal. She truly cares for the well-beings of others, but that usually will stop when the paycheck begs it to. It’s not that she wants to be cold or uncaring — it’s just business… 

Why This Project

I grew up on Star Wars, and especially my dad in particular is a huge fan to this day! It was his favorite franchise growing up, so it’s really fun to be a part of this love letter to the series. This role in particular looked fun to me since twins are always fun to play! In addition, my voice defaults to mid-low, so I was attracted to being able to express this in characters with that quality. It felt like the best fit! 

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