Vince Cox

Musical Composer & Film Score Designer

About Me

I am a composer from Reading, UK. I mainly produce trailer music and I have gained a strong following online by creating my own label ‘EpicTrailerMusicUK’. I have also scored a number of Independent films in recent years. Away from music, I enjoy playing football and supporting Arsenal.

About My Role

As Lead Musical Composer, it is my job to produce ten tracks for the official soundtrack as well as score to the film. I also collaborate with the sound engineer and visual editing team to establish pacing and agree which scenes need music

Why This Project

I was attracted to the job after seeing Maria’s passion for the project, and I was eager to help tell the story she has created. With this project being a continuation of the Star Wars saga, we felt it was important to maintain continuity and produce a soundtrack that resembles the music from John Williams. It sounded like a massive challenge but one that I was excited to explore. 

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