Valmari Marquez

Lead Animator

About Me

I’m a 24-year-old producer/video editor/animator based in Atlanta, Georgia with experience mostly in post-production. Everything from assembly, color grading, special effects, motion graphics – you name it. I fell into this after a lifelong passion for messing with and manipulating pictures and videos, ultimately going to film school to hone my technical and philosophical understanding of media and how to produce it. It’s been pretty fun to work on some really neat projects throughout this career, and extremely fulfilling to build my repertoire with a body of work I’m proud of. 

About My Role

As lead animator on the project, I’ve been in charge of meeting the Art and Post Teams in the middle, breaking down and revising the preliminary storyboards into final compositions translated in the language of Film. This includes picking keyframes, detailing the required assets, and assembling rough animatics for the rest of the team to work off of. After that’s all been approved & prepared, I go in and comp the final shots, adding motion to the static images using a variety of 2D/3D After Effects techniques. 

Why This Project

I am unfortunately a big Star Wars fan. 

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