Ross Morgan

Emperor Vitiate

About Me

It’s hard to remember a time when Star Wars wasn’t an integral part of my life.  From the time I was six years old, the television and movie screens have served one single purpose…to take me to a galaxy far, far away.  I’ve carried this love into my adulthood by creating my own Star Wars YouTube channel. In doing this, I can continue to grow and cultivate a love for the universe that is Star Wars.  The passion that I hold for these incredible stories is unparalleled.  I feel a deep and important sense of responsibility to continue to shed light on the lessons that Star Wars has imparted on all of us.  I hope to (in some way)  continue the legacy of George Lucas by bringing more and more Star Wars nerds into the fold! May the Force Be With You! Always!

About My Role

Power, control, strength, vanity…pride, hubris, ego and arrogance.  Emperor Vitiate is the very embodiment of the ideal Sith.  Born to the species of the true Sith, Vitiate has been the most iconic dark side user to have ever graced the expanded universe.  Channeling his ever present pride, haughtiness and laissez faire attitude to galactic domination was an incredibly interesting challenge.  Hopefully this iteration of Vitiate inspires the same fear and awe that Doug Bradley brought to the role!

Why This Project

The question of “why” was never asked.  My dear friend Maria is heading this project and when I was asked to do some readings alongside another cast member, I agreed immediately.  It was a happy coincidence and a joyful moment when Maria exclaimed, “We’ve found our Vitiate!”.  Like Harrison and Han, I fell happily into this role.  Plus…WHO DOESN’T WANT TO BE IN STAR WARS!

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