Joshua Kerr

Joshua Kerr
Production Manager


  • 2008 Central High School
    High School Diploma
  • 2009-2013 Pennsylvania State University
    Bachelor's Degree in Digital Media
  • 2017-2019 University of California, Los Angela
    Master's Degree in Film & Television


  • 2017-Present DreamWorks - Featured Film - Production Supervision & Production Manager
  • 2015-2017 Audacy / Entercom - Radio - Production Assistant

About Me

Joshua is an accomplished production and project manager in the filmmaking industry for the last five years, with previous Production Supervisor and Assistant experience. Josh graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media and then went on to achieve a Master’s Degree in Film & Television from UCLA in 2019.  He currently works for DreamWorks Animation in downtown LA since 2017. Josh is known professionally in this capacity by his alias, J. Eric Kerr.

Josh met his wife Kimberly within the popular game Dark Age of Camelot and they remain avid gamers to this day, although with the birth of their first child in August 2022 that has significantly died down.  He loves his dogs, Tookie and Emerson just as much and is really enjoying being a father to his baby daughter, Erica Blythe.

About My Role

As the Unit Production Manager (UPM/PM) for Star Wars: After the Sequels™, Josh manages all aspects of the production but mostly the finances and budgets.


Why This Project

Josh has known the writer/director, Maria, since he was just 17 years old when she led TLP (The Last Prophecy) guild in the very famous Massive Multiplayer Online game known as Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC).  He loved being part of such a community of gamers and has been around to see it grow into the monumental organization that it is today, boasting over 5,000 gamers worldwide.  The difference between TLP and any other guild was always how well Maria (whome he has always known as “Danitsia”) organized all the events, the raids, the PvP (player vs. player) endevors within such a large guild.  It stuck with him and he had followed Maria to every game she has helmed ever since.  So, when Maria said she wanted to move deeper into filmmaking beyond the capacity of just video games, Josh volunteered to help her in any way he could. Maria is family to him!  It was a given to help where he could.

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