Josephine Sweet

Josephine Sweet Headshot
Darth Talon


  • 05/2017 Biola University
    Minor in Music Performance


  • 2010 Wizard of Oz Boradway Musical - Theatre - Emerald City Resident
  • 2013 Joseph & The Technicolor Dreamcoat Musical - Theatre - Jacob’s Wife & Pharaoh’s Cheerleader

About Me

I’m an aspiring voice actress from Indonesia with a very colorful personality. All my life I’ve been a bookworm and, due to my ADHD, had a stutter problem growing up. I found reading out loud helped me work through it. That’s what lead me to narrating audiobooks. I’ve only started branching towards films and video games the past few months, so I don’t have a lot of experience in them. I’m really excited to be bringing passion and energy to stories especially for a brilliant franchise such as Star Wars! 

About My Role

She is a woman who needs no introduction. A fierce but loyal assassin. Everything about her was alluring but with an edge -sensual, strong, agile, and cunning. In many ways, she is my alter ego. Now that persona has a name: Darth Talon. She fears nothing and knows exactly what she wants. The only thing that can keep her in line is her Master -those she deems truly worthy in strength, wit and evil. She was a delight to embody; intoxicating even. May the Force be with those who find themselves in her presence. 

Why This Project

I’ve been a huge fan of Star Wars from an early age. Greatly influenced by my geeky brother, I quickly got sucked into the world. It goes without saying that I had to jump at the chance to become one of the most notorious characters. I guess you can say my archetype of characters has been the baddies and the flirtatious types. 

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