Jonni Machado

Darth Maladi


  • BA in Liberal Studies


  • Drama Archion - Podcast - Aranea Torin
  • Octobers Children - Podcast - Victoria Beaumont

About Me

I am an actor based out of the Bay Area. I used to be too nervous and afraid to audition for theatre, but after battling cancer I decided not to be scared any more. Since then I have been in a few community theatre musicals, and hope to do many more shows. It was during the pandemic when the voice acting schools went online with virtual classes that I realized my childhood dream of being a voice actor could actually be possible. I then applied that same mindset of no fear that I had used to propel me to audition for musical theatre after chemo and cancer, and turned to following a dream career. I hope to continue to grow and prosper with my voice acting career! 

About My Role

I am beyond honored to be voicing the baddie that is Darth Maladi! She is the sexy, manipulative, intelligent Sith Lady of your nightmares. She was trained by Darth Krayt to rise to the high ranks of the One Sith Order. She knows how to torture to get answeres, and is also a skilled assasin for when the job is done. AND on top of that she is a scientist and is skilled in the medical field and alchemy. With all of her skills and cunning, I don’t see why she isn’t already the main big bad. I’m sure she’s just waiting for the perfect time to take her rightful seat on the top throne. *winky face* 

Why This Project

I love Star Wars. I love sexy bad guys. I love power. I had originally auditioned for the role of Darth Talon as my introduction to this awesome project, and while I did not end up with that role, I am honored that they kept me on the team of other characters and offered me the role of Darth Maladi. She is a smart, hot, badass and I am so excited to bring her to life!  

You can hear me as the high order master of poisons demon Aranea Torin on the audio podcast Drama Archion. As well as Victoria Beaumont the corrupt cop on the horror audio podcast Octobers Children. I keep getting cast as bad guys and I am loving it. There are a few more projects I am in, however they are not out yet and I am not sure I can list them just yet. 

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