Jacquelyn Doggette

Jacquelyn Doggette
Lt. Commander Kaydel Ko Connix


  • Groundlings
    Intro to Voice-Over Acting
  • United Citizens Brigade
    Improv 101
  • Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio
    Master Scene Study
  • Double Tap Training Center
    Beginning Pistol Course


  • Mad at the World - TV - Guest Star
  • Codename Burg3r - Radio - Guest Star
  • Moody in Place - Radio - Series Regular
  • Kill in the Blank - Radio - Co-Star
  • The Empty Locket - Audio Drama -

About Me

Hello! I’m a Los Angeles-based film, television, and voice actor. I fell in love with storytelling as a four-year-old with a ravenous appetite for books and with the performing arts through dance and acting programs at church. When I’m not on set, you can find me at the beach with my Kindle, in my creative corner journaling or painting, or at my desk planning a new travel adventure (if you have some good campsite recommendations, please let me know!). 

About My Role

Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Konnix is a human member of the Resistance. She had a special relationship with General Leia Organa and looked up to her as a mentor. Kaydel sided with Poe Dameron during his mutiny against Vice Admiral Holdo but surrendered when General Organa intervened. Kaydel is thoughtful, passionate about her beliefs, and a loyal friend to the people she loves. 

Why This Project

Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Konnix is a fun character for me because she is essentially, and literally, a rebel. She fights for what she believes in as a part of the Resistance but pushes back against the Resistance if their actions don’t line up with what she believes in her heart is right. I relate to that headstrong side of Kaydel. She presents like a lawful good character when you first meet her, but the more you pay attention to her actions, she leans a bit more chaotic good, and I dig that. I’m excited to see her develop and grow as a character. Relationships, career, and all! 

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