Goldie Perry

Dr. Harter Kalonia


  • Eliza Jane Schneider's Character Acting Academy
    Meisner Program, Advanced Comedic Scenes, Intro to Shakespeare and Improv Freehold Theatre


  • Golda's Balcony - Theatre - Golda

About Me

Hi I’m Goldie Perry. I’m a Seattle based voice actor, dog lover, book reader, tech geek, animation lover and gamer. As you might guess my favorite areas of voice acting are animation, video games and audio books. I love helping directors and writers take the words on the page and transform them into a fully embodied characterFrom sweet little girls to ancient terrifying monsters, I get to find the character in me and me in the character. 

About My Role

Harter appeals to me because of who she is and how she is similar and different to meShe is a strong woman with wisdom. She leads and takes care of others. She is sure and committed in her actions and does what she thinks is right, and she has weathered great loss with great strengthThe way that Harter is able to look past that loss, much at the hands of Ben Solo, and still find love and connection shows an incredible inner strength. There is a lot that I have in common with Harter, but her cool calm medical demeanor, her sense of command, and her willingness to pursue what she thinks is right, are ways that we are different. I often find the differences between me and the character are what helps me the most in finding the character. It asks me to find what experiences I would have had to have to have those characteristics and it lets me walk the steps to become the character. I am so excited to be Harter Kalonia and look forward to the adventure.   

Why This Project

When I saw the audition for Harter Kalonia I had to audition. I mean, first of all, it was Star Wars. Like how could I notAlso, the character description was thorough, and the script was powerfully written. I could see the writer had a clear vision and gave me lots to work withWhen I met with Maria, our director and writer and more, I was blown away. Not only does she have a clear vision ,she has such passion for this project and such a passion for supporting her team and collaborating with them. I feel so fortunate to be part of this project and I am so excited to share what we are creating. 

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