Garland Rodgers

Garland Rodgers
Luke Skywalker


  • 1980-1981 David Ossman of the Firesign Theatre group
    Trained in radio theater acting and production
  • 1997 Southern Oregon University
    English major and a minor in Theater Arts


  • Maxie - Featured Film -
  • We Need Rent Money - TV -
  • Stop Stressing Over Data - TV -
  • Nappy Roots Blind Faith - TV -
  • Alpha Force Male Supplement - TV -

About Me

Sneaking out into the living room in the mid-60s to watch old B-movies monster flicks and a million car advertisements on the weekend all-night movies after the parents had gone to sleep on the single television we had in the house. Religiously watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, Jetsons, Flintstones and every Warner Bros. cartoon I could find at any time of the day or night. I fell in love with voice. This was my youth. 


I discovered theater in high school and indulged as much as possible during and following, learning the craft of directing from three great mentors. Freelanced theater direction, teaching jobs, voice work in commercials and radio theater programs in and around the nonsense attendant to survival. Taught English and theater arts in high school for 18 years before retiring to finally develop a voice acting career on a serious level permitted by today’s technology. 

About My Role

This well-known Luke Skywalker guy reminds me of myself. He has been around long enough to have seen a great deal, suffered to some degree by the choices he has made, and come to realize the immense value of family. He has come through his darkness and found again value life and the Force. 

Why This Project

I stumbled across this project almost by accident, as I now rarely visit the site where the role was listed, which has resulted in being cast in parts where there is often little follow through. As I read the announcement, it was obvious that this had potential. The write-up showed a depth of work, knowledge, and a passion extending well beyond the usual. I auditioned and was lucky enough get the part. The character of Skywalker at this point of his existence is someone with whom I can identify. 

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