Emily Weir

Casting Agent


  • 2014-2018 Webster University

About Me

My name is Emily Weir, but most people just call me “M”. In college, I built a bit of a reputation for not taking the crap that Hollywood likes to throw at you, so my college friends like to say that when you have a mountain of baloney to sift through, you “Dial M for Murder” and it kinda stuck. Who doesn’t love a good Hitchcock movie, right?

I dream of nothing but animated characters jumping around on fields of clouds! I have always wanted to be part of the filmmaking business and since I was little have been a fan of cartoons, most especially Scooby-Doo and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. My family has had a few generations of Great Danes, so that’s where my love of the titular character for Scooby Doo started.

I went to college for film in my hometown of St. Louis, MO but after I graduated, I decided that if I wanted to do anything with film, I had to make it out to Los Angeles. So, I took almost every production assistant job that I could find in St. Louis and started to carve my way into the business. My college best friend and I made it to the big city with all the big lights towards the end of 2019. We found a third roommate and all three of us had to wait tables, do Uber, fast food, whatever it took to get to work in the film industry. And we sort of made it!

I now work for Warner Bros. Animation as a casting assistant working on various films utilizing performance capture and motion capture technology to create animated films.

About My Role

I serve as the casting assistant for all the productions that TLP Gaming has going on. Most of them are video game development projects, but when Maria started to branch out into core filmmaking, she needed my helpAnd I am always going to be happy to help her.  

Why This Project

The combination of two of my favorite things — Star Wars and animation was enough to completely sell me on the idea.  My dad is a huge Star Wars nerd, so I grew up being a huge Star Wars nerd right along with my twin brothers.

What keeps me doing this is well… Maria.  It’s hard to even call her by her real name because she will always be just “Dani” — her character name is Danitsia, so we call her Dani for short.  I have been into video games since I can talk and walk, honestly.  I met Maria in World of Warcraft when I was just 15 years old; I am now 26. 

Maria took me under her wing, and I eventually became a senior officer for our guild in that game. I love how organized she is and love how passionate she is about this franchise.  She too was introduced to it by her father, so for both of us it’s like a love letter to our dads. 

Oh and Josh… World of Warcraft > Dark Age of Camelot. Any day and twice on Sunday! <3 

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