Elke Freed

Web & Graphical Artist


  • 2005 Capella University
    Master of Science in Information Technology
  • 2001 Hawaii Pacific University
    Bachelor of Arts Human Resource Development


  • 1997 Sliding Home - Featured Film - Extra

About Me

Elke is a lifelong computer enthusiast who has been coding since the age of 9, starting with BASIC and moving on to website development in 1995. With a Master’s Degree in Information Technology, specializing in System Design and Programming, Elke is passionate about designing beautiful, simple, and user-friendly websites. Her programming background has equipped her with the expertise to develop for a variety of platforms, including web and mobile.

Elke is an expert in web application development and front-end web design. Unlike the stereotype that programmers can’t design and designers can’t program, she has a unique skill set that encompasses both fields. She stays current with the latest technologies to ensure that all websites she develops have a cutting-edge web presence. Her mission is simple and straightforward – to help clients achieve their goals in a timely and professional manner. The end result is a usable, functional, and customized website that meets the client’s needs

About My Role

As a web developer working on After the Sequels, I had the unique opportunity to merge my passion for cutting-edge technology with my love for the iconic Star Wars universe. My role was integral to the online presence and user experience of the film, as I developed a visually appealing website that captivated our target audience. I utilized my coding expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a responsive, accessible, and immersive platform, highlighting the film’s content, behind-the-scenes footage, and character profiles. Additionally, I collaborated closely with the film’s creative team and executive producer, ensuring the website’s design and functionality were in sync with the overall vision of the project. The experience of working on this fan film allowed me to push the boundaries of web development, creating a digital space that truly embodied the essence of Star Wars and fostered a sense of community among its ardent fans.

Why This Project

My love for Star Wars is deeply intertwined with cherished memories of my dad. Growing up, our shared enthusiasm for this epic space saga served as a cornerstone for our connection. I vividly recall the countless hours we spent together, watching the original trilogy, discussing the intricate plotlines, and debating the motivations of the iconic characters. The excitement of each new release, whether it was a prequel or a sequel, offered us another opportunity to bond and create lasting memories. Star Wars not only introduced me to a universe rich with imagination but also provided a means to deepen my relationship with my dad. Every time I watch these films, it transports me back to those moments we shared, filled with laughter, excitement, and the unwavering love between a parent and child. The galaxy far, far away holds a special place in my heart as it reminds me of the indelible bond that Star Wars helped forge with my dad.

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