Connor Kecla

Lt. Sookie Morr


  • 2021 El Camino
    English AA


  • ACX - Audio Drama - Narrator
  • KROOF - Short Film - Narrator/Producer
  • ZGame - Video Game - Character Voice

About Me

Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior: Jennifer Coolidge? Oh well… just enough time to talk about me — that’s fine!  

 Hey there, my name is Connor Kelca and I am young, spry, LA actor currently exploring characters via the use of my voice. Having been a long time lover of film, tv, and a player of video games, the art of voice over/acting was always a constant. This constant has since merged its way into my career and life goals. Truthfully, looking back to my even younger years of dancing in front of my family and acting a fool in front of various classes, it is no surprise that a fiery desire to entertain is steering my early adult experience.  

When I am not tapping into characters or delivering my best commercial read, I spend my spare time working out at the gym — getting that toned silhouette — and also sitting at my computer playing various MMOs and RPGs — getting that potato mode. I view life through the lens of a balanced scale: try not to overdo yourself in one arena of your life, to avoid killing any love and interest you have for whatever it is you might overwork.   

About My Role

The role of Sookie Morr is one that intrigues me greatly; being presented with this gift, I get to play with a character that has less defined boarders, and is a character that I have more agency in adapting. Actors often infuse their own personalities and idiosyncrasies to a role, but Sookie provides me with a sense of playfulness that I was certainly not expecting. With her connections to the Sith and personal fanaticism, I am extremely excited to explore more of her mystique. 

Why This Project

It’s a fan-film about Star Wars — enough said, right? I am always looking for opportunities and especially opportunities that allow me to have fun with my inner child. Getting to shift your mindset into a version of the Star Wars universe is something I could do in my spare time, but getting to come together with others and work on a fun passion project… well that is just something you have to try in life. 

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