Chris Altoft

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Sound Designer & Audio Engineer


  • 2011 University of Hull
    bachelor's degree in Sports Coaching
  • 2000 Wilberforce College
    City and Guilds Progression award: sport and leisure level 2
  • 2000 Wilberforce college
    City and Guilds Progression award: community sports leadership award


  • 2022 Spire City: Blood and Betrayal - Podcast -

About Me

I’m a voice actor, sound designer and musician from the UK with over 6 years experience in voice acting, 20 years experience in music and 2 years in sound design.  Most of my formal education came in the form of sports coaching where I have numerous qualifications and certificates including a Bachelor of science honours degree from the university of Hull.  I have always had a passion for the arts, learning and teaching. 

About My Role

At TLP-gaming I am the lead sound designer and foley artist, responsible for creating or recreating every sound other than voices and musicThis includes everything from ambiance, footsteps and clothing sounds, to laser blasts and ship engine soundsTo achieve this I use a mix of recording original sounds, synthesising new sounds and manipulating existing soundsMy goal is to create an immersive auditory experience to support the music, voice acting and animation for the viewer. 

Why This Project

What attracted me to the project? Star Wars, it has always been something I loved with the exception of much of the Disney produced movies and stories.  The opportunity to be part of a huge project written, produced and directed by genuine fans and enthusiasts of Star Wars was not one I would let pass me byTo me it is more important to people who care about the franchise and want to produce an amazing story which people will love again. 

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