Charles Wilson



  • American Academy of Arts
    Acting with: Jori Wyler, Jack Melanos Voice with: Renee Guerin, Joan Wilkerson
  • Michael Howard Studio
    With Caryn West (Film/TV)
  • The Voice Bank (V.O.)
    With: Charles Michel


  • Judge David Young - TV - Steve Barry
  • Science of Sleep - TV - Pouchet
  • Angels in America - TV - Man in Park
  • After the Fall - TV - Robert
  • Frillbilly - TV - Wilhelm
  • Tragedy Bears no Fault - TV - The Man
  • Law and Order S.V.U. - TV - Detective
  • Rescue Me - TV - Worker
  • Third Watch - TV - Teacher
  • Still Waters - TV - Dr. Verne
  • Eye of Babylon - TV - Charlie
  • Shadows of Reality - TV - Carl
  • The Rosewater Tattoo - TV - Chris
  • Black and Blue - Theatre - Tony
  • King Kong - Theatre - Carl Denham
  • Hardboiled 2 - Theatre - Jack Carter
  • War of the Worlds - Theatre - Carson/Colonel
  • Hardboiled - Theatre - Jack Carter
  • Radiotheatre: Madhouse - Theatre - Paul/Vinnie/Matt
  • The Unexpected Houseguest - Theatre - Tim
  • A Loss of Roses - Theatre - Kenny
  • Butterflies are Free - Theatre - Donny
  • Cat Among the Pigeons - Theatre - Antonio/Emile
  • Last Throes - Theatre - John
  • The Old Mezzo - Theatre - Capt. Jack/Louie

About Me

I began my acting career in 1984, after attending the American Academy of dramatic arts, in NYC. Since then, I have appeared in numerous plays in NYC other parts of the U.S. Television appearances include: Law and Order SVU, Rescue Me, Third Watch and The Equalizer, among others. Film appearances include: Angels in America (Mike Nichols, Dir) The science of sleep (Michel Gondry, Dir), Still Waters and The rosewater tattoo. As a voice actor, Charles can be heard in numerous commercials,  AdapTable Meals, Sprint, Global Star, as well as Corporate Industrials, and narrations. Podcast dramas including: Between the Devil (Mr. Gibbs), Visionaries (Ariz), As well as over 100 characters for video games and animations. 

Some of my most significant roles to date include: Jack Carter, a hard-nosed detective who always gets his man…and his woman, in the original Off Broadway show, “Hardboiled”. Sir Bohemond, the brave and honorable Knight in the running app “Run the realm”. Mr. Gibbs, the well-meaning, but insecure First Mate of the high seas horror podcast drama, “Between The Devil”. Ariz, the wise and risk-taking healer of the town of Burning Candle, in the futuristic dystopian audio drama “Visionaries”. Finally, Sheriff Bill Barnes, an easy going, yet no nonsense Sherriff of a small town in rural Minnesota in the GTA 5 film, “Tales of The North”.

About My Role

Along with my wife Norra Wexley, we are coming to terms with the death of our son, Temmin at the hands of Kylo Ren (Ben Solo), and the loss of Leia. To further complicate matters, Ben Solo wants to return to the light. And though still mourning, we press on to help build the new republic. We may be a bit older now, but we are now putting all that wisdom to work, becoming leaders of the resistance. 


Why This Project

When I saw the audition for The Chosen One, I knew I had to be a part of this iconic franchise. Although I had originally audition for a different character, I’m positively thrilled to have been offered the role of the beloved fighter pilot, Wedge Antilles! 

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