Cathryn Newsom

Production Assistant


  • 2021 Arizona State University
    Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Production


  • 2021 Desert Lights - Short Film - Producer, 1st Assistant Director, Boom Op
  • 2021 Heist - Short Film - Producer, 1st Assistant Director
  • 2019 Flicker - Short Film - Writer, Director, Editor

About Me

Hi there! My name is Cathryn Newsom, and I am the production assistant on The Chosen One. I graduated from Arizona State in 2021 and spent 4 years learning the ins and outs of filmmaking. As a kid, I found myself acting in school plays and participating in talent shows; however, once I entered high school, I became enthralled by photography and being behind a camera. The older I got, the more I found myself leaning towards all of the nitty-gritty work it takes to get something from idea to finished product. Working behind the scenes is exactly where I belong, and I am able to live out that dream through this project! In my free time, I still dabble in photography, I binge-watch shows like I’m getting paid to, and I read like there’s no tomorrow. I am so excited to see this project continue to grow and blossom.

About My Role

As a production assistant, I dabble in a little bit of everything here and there. Some of my tasks include creating the call sheets, being a point of contact for the actors, and being the notetaker in meetings. As we go further into the project timeline, my tasks adjust accordingly. I absolutely love being able to continue my learning and education through this position. It’s one thing to learn in school in class, but it’s an entirely different level when it’s hands-on work that gives me the ability to see the outcome of my work.

Why This Project

Since I graduated in 2021, the job market in the film industry was a bit difficult to come by in Arizona due to the pandemic. However, my job searching skills proved their usefulness when I came across the listing for this position. It was exactly what I was looking for, not only was it Star Wars related, which was a nice plus, it was also animation, and that is something I have always been drawn to. One of my favorite shows of all time is animated, so seeing how animation works in production compared to the four years of live short films in school was not only something on my career checklist, but also something that interests me immensely.

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