Bell Heart

Lt. Maj. Yasa Kapu


  • 2021 Actors Training Ground
    Voice-Over with Wendy Zier


  • April 2021-present Cyan Void - Audio Drama - Skylar

About Me

I am a new voice actor beginning my journey in 2020. I got my start in passionate hobby work before moving into the professional scene. I am currently known for the lead role as Skylar in the Cyan Void Series on YouTube. Outside of acting, I work in the field of fashion, and I enjoy gaming, sewing, and spending time with my family and cat. 

About My Role

For my character, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to bring Yasa Kapu to life. I think her journey of discovering what she believes to be true versus what is actually true will create a complex character the audience won’t see coming. I’m also excited that as an original character for this production, I will have the opportunity to make her my own as she grows within this engaging new story. 

Why This Project

For me, Star Wars is a connection to my brothers, who introduced me to many different series when we were growing up. To now be a part of a project that means so much to them is really wonderful. This project is being driven with so much passion that I’m truly grateful to contribute to a series that connects so many people. 

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