AJ Pratt

AJ Pratt-Headshot
Character Artist (Lead)


  • 2022 Savannah College of Art and Design
    BFA in Illustration

About Me

Atlanta-based artist from New York/South Florida.

I’ve been drawn to art ever since I was first introduced to The Phantom Menace in theaters at two years old. From there I began drawing blocky Transformers, clone trooper helmets, superheroes and whatever else I saw that sparked my imagination. As my abilities of observation improved, I got better at copying what I saw and attempting to craft my own character designs. As a diehard Star Wars fan for (almost literally) my entire life, I’ve always been interested in stories set in other worlds. Many movies, books, and games gave my creative brain enough fuel to allow me to help create within these worlds for others to enjoy.


About My Role

My role within this project is to illustrate all the characters seen in the film. I also designed storyboards for each scene to visualize the script and create a framework to assist in establishing the project’s workflow. Throughout the production, I worked together with the other artists on the team to help define and guide the visual style for the movie.


Why This Project

I recently graduated from art school and found work on this project not long after. Accepting this opportunity didn’t take much convincing, as working on anything Star Wars related was always a dream of mine. Needless to say, I am glad to be working on this project and enjoy the journey of making this film a reality.


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