Rylan Nilsson

Vibbo Hessian


  • 2023 Life in Hell - New Media - King Alilil
  • 2023 Am I Alive? - Audiobook - Narrator
  • 2023 Web of Spider-Man - New Media - Norman Osborne/Hobgoblin
  • 2020-present Marvelous Videos - New Media - Host
  • 2019 -2020 Cardfight! Vanguard - Anime - Zangetsu/Additional Voices

About Me

I am an award-winning stage, screen, and voice actor based out of Alberta, Canada. My character roles span everywhere from goofball comedies to heart-tugging dramas and my repertoire features everything from film and television to commercials and audiobooks to even video games and toys! I am also cousins with my hero Robin Williams and I strive to keep his spirit alive in my own acting endeavors, as well as my life as a whole. 

About My Role

Vibbo is a character who I am maybe too willing to admit that I’m unfamiliar with from the expanded universe. However, I am led to think that he is a charming persona akin to Captain Harkness from Doctor Who. He’s definitely got a lot of charisma and attitude that can, sometimes, get him into trouble.

Why This Project

I’ve always enjoyed playing smart alec-y type roles and this guy definitely seems to fit the bill. He’s got a level of sass to him that keeps him interesting without causing any sort of worry that he’s be putting the fate of the galaxy in check. Playing a role like that in such a beloved and fun universe as Star Wars is definitely a dream come true for me.

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